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Wait, What Is A Digital Wallet Anyways?

(1-minute overview)

"Why Do I Need A Digital Wallet?"

Digital wallets are booming! The pandemic has kick-started much of this growth. Between 2021 and 2028, digital wallets are expected to create $46 Billion in revenue growing at an annual rate of 18.9% above initial projections.
What does that mean for you?
Absolutely nothing if you don't have a digital wallet strategy.
If you do take advantage of this strategy, however, here's what you might expect:
  • Your business will stand out!

    You and your business gain a distinct advantage using a proven strategy before the market becomes saturated. Believe it or not, advertising on Facebook and Google used to be easy and inexpensive. Not anymore. Why? The market got saturated!

    The people that showed up first, capitalized and are still capitalizing because they can afford to. "The Early Bird Gets the Worm!"

  • You will build trust with your customers!

    Trust amongst consumers is at an all-time-low. People are constantly being bombarded with sales materials, advertisements and other marketing efforts. So how do you get around that?

    Simply put, you give your trust first. "The Golden Rule!"

    You trust that if you give to your customers first, they will give back to you. Wallet's vouchers, ad credits, and loyalty programs allow you to give to your customers and gain their trust. That trust allows them to give you their continued business.

  • You will know your numbers!

    When you know your numbers, you truly know your business.

    Having access to a strategy that lets you know what is working and (more importantly) what isn't, is invaluable. This is known as closed loop marketing and it has a massive impact on your total ROI.

Gain New Customers & Keep Them

Customer acquisition costs are increasing dramatically.
With Wallet, you can not only acquire new customers for free, but you can keep them coming back again and again. 
Business owners know that keeping an existing customer is 5x cheaper than acquiring a new one and that just a 5% increase in customer retention can result in a revenue increase of anywhere between 25% - 95%.
Let's play it safe and say that you only get a 25% increase in revenue. What would that do for your business?
More importantly, what would that do for you personally?

Build Your Custom Digital Wallet While It's Still Free!

Gaining access to a tool that is this Powerful is not an easy thing to do. Offering it for free just might be harder.
Take advantage of this while it lasts! We can't guarantee that we can offer this for free forever.

What People Are Saying:

"We Highly Recommend!"

"Wallet Inc. was absolutely amazing to work with. They were very responsive and attentive to our personalized needs... We were incredibly impressed with the quality of the solution developed and with the level of service we received. We highly recommend!"
Tessa Benedict
Chumash Casino Resort

"Timing Is Perfect..."

“Wallet Inc provides a unique software platform to businesses and consumers that we believe will lead the customer retention space... Wallet’s timing is perfect as these industries welcome new tools and systems to help them recover from Covid.”
Kevin Harrington
 Inventor of the Infomercial,
Original Shark from Shark Tank,
and Wallet Inc. Advisor
"A Huge Success..."
"[The] ongoing support has been tremendous for a non-tech guy like myself... The QR Code is something people are familiar with and readily scan to get updates on the shop, events and specials... A huge success."
Dave Cowden
Gunnison River Fly Shop

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